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3 Physician s Report Form 418. 6 A Settlement Account Form 421. 1 for collection of a decedent s personal property Proposed Marion County Local Probate Forms Page 1 of 38 Marion County Probate Form 401. As Approved by Committee April 1 2011 INDEX OF MARION COUNTY PROBATE FORMS The forms listed below are referred to in the Proposed Local Rules MSCPR of the Marion Superior Court Probate Division and are numbered in correspondence with the pertinent Rule. FORM NO. Form 401. 1-A Application...
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Hi this is how to file for divorce org and today we're going to show you how to file for divorce in Indiana on your own and without an attorney so you don't have to waste any money so getting right into it step one you have to download the Indiana divorce papers lucky for you these are free on our website and I think it's about a dozen different forms that you're going to need but don't worry we have them all they're all free step 2 now you've downloaded all your forms the spouse that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the following forms so what do we have here eight different forms that you can have to fill out now if you if you don't have children obviously you disregard this child support child support so you only have to do six if you don't have children but you need to follow forms the county court clerk's office where you reside and pay the hundred and thirty nine dollar filing fee now you want to make sure that the filing fee is one hundred and thirty-nine dollars just because the court fees are changing all the time so you just want to make sure that it is in fact 139 but most of the counties are make sure to make four copies of all these forms and bring self-addressed envelopes to or both one for you and one for your spouse because the court is going to be mailing all these file documents to eat you now the next step is where things can get really good or turn really bad real quick because you're going to have to meet with your spouse to fill out the following forms wave or a final hearing it's not that bad but this is the real meat potatoes decree of dissolution of marriage and settlement agreement now this form is where you're going to be negotiating pretty much all your assets and debts so if you have a lot of credit card bills or if you have a lot of money in the bank you have a house cars everything this is where everything's gonna be laid out and you want to make sure that when you sign this form that once you sign it's like signing any of the legal agreement its final even before you get to the core so you want to be very careful about exactly what you do with this agreement a verified waiver a final hearing form it's just standard protocol once these forms are completed you are able to submit them to the county court clerk's office along with again another to self address pre-stamped envelopes step 4 if you have a court hearing date you will be notified but if both spouses are in agreement on all the forms you'll be notified by mail of your sign divorce decree Indiana is not too big on having you to come in if you've already agreed to pretty much everything and there's nothing to really fight over so they'll just send you your divorce decree which is your final certificate stating you're divorced in the mail and upon receiving it you have completely been divorced legally in the state of Indiana so that's it it's only four steps it's pretty easy the only requirements are one of the spouses has to be a resident for at...
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